Success comes from people

– also in your organization





It is people, that form an organization, win customers, lead employees, pass on knowledge, work together successfully and ultimately deliver special services. The success of any organization is determined by the professional and social competencies of its employees.

We support organizations that share this conviction with our personal digital companion to enable their employees to develop their personality and to make each individual more flexible, competent and successful – a paradigm shift in the creation of value.

The skills development platform – sdp – supports each individual in positively changing their perception, their awareness, their inner attitude and their behaviour and thus gives decisive impulses for successful cooperation.

Development of social competencies

Organizations are successfully mastering the digital challenges of the future by investing not only in the development of knowledge, but also in the personality of their employees.
Every employee becomes a co-entrepreneur and leader, for himself and for his organization.

Filling in the missing link / 2017


Everybody agrees that Digitization is changing the world in an unparalleled way and with incredible speed. This development is driven by ever accelerating technological innovation, with fundamental impact on the way we work and the way we live. Getting connected and building powerful ecosystems which replace traditional structures is one of the most important aspects and it is essential to leverage the opportunities Digitization is offering. Thus, while the majority is “talking technology”, human soft skills like building and curating trusted and sustainable relationships become key success factors in a Digital World.

But how to develop these soft skills – finding the right balance between a person’s individual personality and standardized methods or best practices? Gaining personal experience (“Life itself has always been the best teacher”) seems to be the necessary approach, traditionally supported by individual coaching. But change is too fast for this approach, nor does it scale for a wider audience – not to talk about finding capable coaches. Therefore, traditional approaches fail, even if they use state-of-the-art presentation techniques, mobilizing everything man-machine-communication can offer nowadays.

sdp represents a fundamentally different approach. It fills in the missing link by translating deep experience of soft skill training into a technical knowledge base, by transferring this knowledge in a way the trainee autonomously controls according to his personality and his learning curve. And sdp offers this by a ubiquitous cloud service, which allows for scalability and composition.

CIO, international Data Management Company, Germany, 2017

Working with sdp has allowed us in the Public Sector Management Team to establish a new form of collaboration. The combination of individual competence building and reflection in the team has led to the fact that we not only sell and deliver better, but have also had a direct impact on our figures.
Plus 20% in sales, plus 30% in order intake and happier customers.
Like in a gym, it is not enough to buy a membership and then not go there. But when you use sdp individually and reflect on it in the team, magic happens.

General Manager Public Sector, Central & Eastern Europe, International Consulting Company, 2017

Never before have businesses faced a more fractured, contentious, and dynamic environment. Consistent learning therefore is a “must have” for leaders at all management levels. Toni Heimbring’s world class coaching expertise reshaped the way I think about myself as a leader. I’m thrilled that sdp now pushes this coaching experience to the next level, providing tools and insights to leaders everywhere who are eager to move ahead. sdp helps executives to assess strengths and weaknesses while deepening their managerial skills. The unique sdp experience can enrich executives’ life personally and professionally, guiding a journey of personal and professional transformation. In the end this is an effective and scalable way to develop the confidence — and ability — to drive essential change in large organizations.

Global Head of Go To Market | Digital Business Services, Leading International Software Company, 2017

Customer satisfaction will become the most important goal for many organizations. With self-confident and intelligent employees you will achieve this goal.

Give your employees the freedom they need for personal development with the skills development platform – sdp – the digital companion at their side. Lead in partnership by investing in your employees.

sdp combines the knowledge and leadership methodology of three decades of leadership and executive coaching in leading international companies. It enables each employee to develop in three core competencies: personality, sales and leadership. The platform creates your personality profile and thus enables an individually tailored and controllable learning and application environment.

With the decision for sdp, you enable your employees to achieve their goals independently through the right content, tools and methodology for using soft skills in your organization. Thereby you are setting an example, that team intelligence and knowledge exchange are the new success factors.
The employees decide independently on their individual training units and thus on their learning success. The aim is to offer three decades of coaching experience at the touch of a button and to benefit from the knowledge of leading personalities – thus promoting personality development and the use of the talents of your employees.
Successful work in the new digital world requires leadership excellence. The sdp prepares you to actively shape the success of your organization in the most important areas of competence: leadership, identity & values and mastery of transformation processes.

Give your employees the freedom they need for personal development


sdp offers every employee protected access to the identical content of all competence areas of social interaction in a holistic system of values based on partnership. Tailored to its own personality, it supports the further development of your social skills and their systematic application.

Individual development – available 24/7 – flexible and cost efficient

cost impact

Benefits for the organization: With the cloud application you secure the common standards of leadership, collaboration and target systems. You save implementation costs and avoid working-time-losses through 24/7 availability. You receive an intelligent solution that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your employees and your organization in terms of price and content. At the same time, skills development solutions ensures the permanent provision of new, successful findings and concepts to ensure the long-term achievement of objectives.

Democratize the knowledge of top leaders – across hierarchies


sdp provides all users with a combination of proven behavior patterns, methods and knowledge areas of successful organizations. Depending on the personality profiles stored in sdp, each user receives personalized recommendations for their individual implementation in daily practice. In this way, sdp not only promotes the success of the entire organization, but also the development of self-confidence and initiative among each individual employee.


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